New RedLine Laser Reduces Cost, Effort Of Scanning Pipe Geometry

Attaching in seconds to the ROVVER X inspection crawler, the new RedLine laser accessory is all you need to geometrically profile the inside of buried pipelines.

Captured profile data is readily analyzed to verify proper pipe installation, plan relining projects, determine remaining pipe life, monitor erosion/corrosion, quantify defects and analyze partial collapses.

“With the RedLine accessory for ROVVER X, inspection professionals can have a system that works seamlessly with ROVVER X and WinCan – and be trained and supported by a single supplier,” says Richard Lindner, president of Envirosight. “ROVVER X is revered as the one crawler system that can address any inspection challenge, so adding native laser ring profiling capability was an important piece of our development roadmap.”

The RedLine accessory attaches without tools and requires no electrical connections. A hinged mounting system makes it easy to deploy in tight spaces, and twin carbon fiber arms ensure extra rigidity. The accessory profiles lines up to 18-inch diameter when mounted directly to the ROVVER X crawler. Larger lines are addressed by mounting the accessory to a skid that is pulled by the crawler.

Profile data from the RedLine can be transferred seamlessly to WinCan V8 inspection software, the laser module of which can trend diameter and deformation frame-by-frame to generate a solid model, ovality graph or color plot.

The RedLine accessory can be mounted to any ROVVER X pan/tilt/zoom camera. It operates up to 16 hours on a single AA battery. 866.936.8476,

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