Felling Trailers X55 Cross/Over Dump

The X55 Cross/Over Dump trailer is ideal for hauling materials such as rip rap, clay, demolition and a multitude of other materials that current bottom dumps cannot haul.

Felling’s X55 maintains 70-degrees of weight over the chassis, greatly minimizing rollover issues currently experienced in the side dump and end dump industry. The X55 also has the ability to dump on the move, and it has the ability to dump at a higher speed than current bottom dumps. Because of the weight distribution, the operator does not see or feel movement in the tractor while the X55 is dumping, either on the move or while stationary; nor is there torque in the king pin. The X55 has the ability to dump at 55 degrees and is capable of dumping product that could possibly stick in other trailers. 800.245.2809, felling.com

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