Asel-Tech Marc One

The new Marc One acoustic pipeline leak detection and location technology is ideal for long pipeline segments. Utilizing fiber optic cable along the right-of-way eliminates the requirement for numerous field processing units. The Marc One follows the same principles of the acoustic system (SLDS), with the same performance and accuracy, but with a very attractive cost benefit.

In its typical configuration, the Marc One system is composed of dedicated acoustic sensors with an optical fiber output; sensor power module with solar panel (optional); optical fiber dedicated to the Leak Detection System; main processing unit; computer dedicated to the leak detection system; and management software and user interface. Marc One complies with API RP 1130 and is easily integrated with the SCADA. Key benefits include accurate locating better than 2 percent of the length of the section; 100 percent coverage of the section between sensors with no mute zones; detects leaks even in a blocked line; report with the location and time of the leak; easy installation and operation; total customer support including remote assistance; and low implementation cost. 832.698.4367,

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