SIP Flow-Liner Utilities

SIP Flow-Liner is another alternative to pipe replacement and does not require excavation or drilling. Different types of pressure rated and non-pressure rated brands of SIP Flow-Liner are available including NSF61 certified brands for potable well piping.

The pressure rated brands are made of high tenacity polyester yarns, which are circular woven and then totally encapsulated to form an integrated cover and lining of a high performance polyurethane elastomer. Different sizes of SIP Flow-Liner are also available depending on the application and use. SIP Flow-Liner is corrosion free and does not scale; is not subject to microbiological attack; and has tremendous tensile strength. The liner comes in nominal sizes from 1 – 8 inches with operating pressures from 210 psi to 500 psi and in continuous lengths of up to 700 feet. 800.348.0020,

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