Baroid IDP mixing equipment

Baroid IDP introduces a line of premium mixing equipment that includes the 4-point shearing system. This starts with a modified Gorman Rupp pump which is designed to pump viscous mud, as opposed to just water.

It is a heavy duty pump with a two vane impeller and diffuser, and provides twice the head pressure of a mixing pump. The next component is the engineered venturi jet which starts the shearing process of Baroid IDP’s products. The venturi jet is followed by a stainless steel shear filter, which enhances the hydration of bentonite platelets, reducing the time needed to mix. Finally, the drilling fluid is pushed through the internal tank jets, which are properly sized and positioned both vertically and horizontally, to help ensure that the contents of the tank achieve superior mixing and faster yield. With this technology, users can expect an efficiently yielded drilling fluid every time.

Baroid IDP has mixers ranging from two-inch pumps that output 139 GPM up to a four-inch pump which outputs 339 GPM. They can be powered by electric, diesel, gas or hydraulic. 800.735.6076,

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