Grouting Technology and Equipment: Equipment Spotlight

Grouting technology from CUES, Pipe Renewal Technologies, Avanti Intl., Logiball, Aries Industries and Prime Resins.

CUES offers a full line of portable, truck, and trailer mounted grout rehabilitation systems for mainline, manhole and lateral joint sealing with the latest CCTV equipment and decision support software for television inspection. Condition assessment and subsequent rehabilitation are accomplished with one system. Sealing packers are available for mainline and lateral assets. Units can be configured to run Urethane, Acrylimide and Acrylate based grouts. Systems can be mounted in a dry freight box for export. Contact CUES to check out our new grout control panel! The Graphical User Interface (GUI) leads you intuitively through the grouting process. 800.327.7791,

Pipe Renewal Technologies

Janssen Process is a no-dig remedy that addresses the underlying cause of lateral connection failures: inadequate bedding and structural support. Fast-curing resins are robotically pressure-injected into the cavities around a lateral, to create bedding that permanently eliminates root intrusion, infiltration and voids. It also seals the liner to the mainline at the lateral interface, preventing seepage between the two. Using the Janssen Process, a single truck renovates more laterals per day than conventional methods. 866.936.8476,

Avanti Intl.

AV-100 is an ultra-low viscosity chemically-activated gel. Having the same viscosity as water, AV-100 Chemical Grout has been successfully used for probe grouting, remote packer grouting, curtain grouting, and tube-a-manchette grouting for pre-excavation groundwater control, hazardous waste encapsulation, the prevention of structural movement due to groundwater, and sealing of entire sewer systems and underground transit systems. 281.486.5600,

Logiball manufactures a complete line of multi-size reinforced inflatable plugs used for testing bypassing and controlling the flow in gravity sewers. Logiball also manufactures a complete line of carrier packers for the installation of trenchless point repairs (4”-36” pipes). Over the years we have developed state of the art test & seal grouting packers for mainline joints (6”-144”), elliptical pipes, lateral pipe joints (4”-8”) and lateral connection packers (6”-24” mainlines with 4”-6” laterals up to thirty feet from the connection).Over the last decade the Logiball Lateral Packers have been used to test & seal over 100,000 lateral connections. 800.246.5988,

Aries Industries
Aries’ grout systems are designed and built for continuous operations. Aries offers a wide range of outfitting components and configurations to increase the production and reliability of the truck system including electrically driven Triplex CAT pumps for constant pumping pressure. A key feature is the five-part (penta) hose for reliable lateral grouting, larger volume water and mixing tanks for increased grouting capacity and a special winter operation package to increase equipment utilization throughout the year.

Prime Resins
The One Touch Packer saves time and money on injection of chemical grouts and epoxy resins in sound or deteriorating concrete. The 10 mm One Touch Packer is a cost-effective alternative to traditional high pressure injection ports and mechanical packers. Max pressure of the packer is 5,000 psi. The head is designed to break off using a standard hammer, increasing efficiency of finishing the injection holes once injection is complete. 800.321.7212,

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