Weiler Wire Brushes

Weiler Corporation offers a full assortment of high performance, American made wire brushes engineered specifically for use on 4 ½-inch right angle grinders.

The 4 ½-inch Mini-Roughneck Stringer Bead Wheels feature a high knot count and short trim length to produce the fastest, most effective cleaning action and longest product life on your 4 ½-inch grinder. The Dually 4 ½-inch Weld Cleaning Brush features a dual-hex nut design to simplify periodic flipping of the wheel for maximum efficiency in demanding inter-pass weld cleaning applications. Standard Twist Knot Wire 4-inch Bevel Brushes feature a tufted knot end and a saucer-shape design which provides an aggressive-yet-flexible brushing action for cleaning filet welds and into corners. Weiler’s Knot Wire and Crimped Wire Cup 3 1/2-inch Brushes feature the highest quality construction and materials for maximum performance and long life when cleaning large surfaces.

Why use these brushes instead of a more common 4-inch stringer bead wheel or 2 ¾-inch cup brush? Because their larger sizes result in much greater cleaning action, and their heavier-duty construction dramatically increases aggression and prolongs life. 800.835.9999, weilercorp.com

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