HammerHead Introduces 34-Inch Rammer

HammerHead has introduced a 34-inch diameter pneumatic pipe rammer to install large-diameter casings for drainage culverts, for guided pilot bore ramming and to use as a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) assist tool.

“The new tool is the largest pneumatic hammer in the world,” said Alan Goodman, HammerHead national sales manager for ramming and bursting.

It is available now from authorized HammerHead dealers.

The tool is 166-inches long, weighs 27,500 pounds and requires 4,800 cfm of air at 110 psi. It strikes 120 blows per minute. Its patented and reliable true-air reverse has no internal mechanism — the reverse function is controlled above ground, simplifying tool removal from the pushing collets. Maximum ramming and bursting lengths depend on pipe diameter and soil conditions.

“There has always been a need for large diameter casing installations,” said Goodman. “As the trenchless industry matures, more and more contracts are demanding the ability to handle these large diameter installations with trenchless methods and equipment. The power provided by such a large hammer not only expands the diameter range of casings installed, but increases total length of ramming capabilities.”

Goodman said that the 34-inch hammer allows for installation of casings from 48-inches in diameter to as large as 144-inches in diameter. In addition to drainage culverts, the tool is well suited for pipeline construction, installing wash-over casings for HDD assist, pipe assist and extraction, guided ramming and pipe bursting.


The 34-inch rammer, he continued, is built to the same rugged standards that provide the reliable, productive performance for which HammerHead tools are known, including the patented rear anvil that provides up to 200 percent more clamp load than other models, a one-piece striker with wear rings that eliminates metal-to-metal contact, taper locking pushing collets that securely lock the tool nose to casing and decrease set-up and tear-down time, and lifters on larger collet sizes to facilitate on-site moving, loading and unloading.

HammerHead can provide custom-built accessories to fit individual projects or pipe specifications, Goodman added.

HammerHead equipment is manufactured by the Earth Tool Company, Oconomowoc, WI. In addition to a wide selection of pipe ramming tools, the HammerHead product line includes pipe bursting tools and hydraulic winches, pneumatic piercing tools and downhole tools for horizontal directional drilling.

HammerHead (Earth Tool Corp.), (800) 331-6653, www.HammerHeadmole.com

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