Volvo SD75

The new SD75 is not just a powerful, hard-working soil compactor with a Tier 4i certified engine and a host of innovative features, the SD75 is a high impact machine that boasts a low impact on the environment.

The SD75 provides greater material density in fewer passes. High centrifugal forces, high frequency and drum weight all combine to produce the energy necessary for excellent compaction and high machine productivity.

Dynamic drum forces can be easily adapted to suit a wide range of terrain or depth of material. High or low amplitudes are selectable from the operator control panel. Additionally, two drum frequencies can be chosen with a console switch to compensate for changing soil types and conditions and an optional 5-frequency feature further boosts the machine’s versatility and performance.

A center joint provides +/-38 degrees of articulation and +/-17 degrees of drum oscillation for stable, flexible machine performance and greater operator comfort over rough terrain. Because the 66-inch wide drum remains in constant contact with the ground surface, compaction is both smooth and uniform.

Able to negotiate slopes of up to 33 percent, the SD75 drum frame design offers better, more effective gradeability. The possibility of digging into the surface or damaging the machine is eliminated, as an angled frame allows better clearance in the approach to steep slopes and while loading. 825.650.2000,

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