Keyhole Technology: Equipment Spotlight

Keyhole technologies from Utilicor Technologies, Buzzi Unicem USA and Footage Tools.

Utilicor Technologies
The keyhole coring and reinstatement process has been field proven and is currently employed in North America and the UK by more than 35 leading gas, water and other utilities and their contractors. Utilicor Technologies manufactures a wide variety of truck, trailer and skid steer mounted coring units which are easy to operate, reliable and robust. When combined with Utilibond, the industry standard in keyhole core reinstatement bonding compounds, the keyhole process could not be any simpler. 888.572.6666,

Buzzi Unicem USA

Ulti-Grout by Buzzi Unicem USA for your keyhole applications is formulated for the reinstatement of cores in roadways, sidewalks or runways. The product is rapid-setting, gaining high-early strength, allowing for traffic loading in one hour or less under normal conditions. It is available in 50 and 25 pound packaging and buckets. Ulti-Grout meets or exceeds ASTM Standard C-528 R3 and is available in normal or cold weather versions. 610.882.5000,

Footage Tools

The Footage model C200-A2 Remote Squeeze Off Tool is designed to squeeze ½- to 2-inch PE pipe safely and effectively for emergency or keyhole applications. The C200-A2 incorporates a collapsible fixed handle and a detachable rotating handle for ease of storage. Features include a rotating gauge plate, 5/8-inch hex drive for use in confined spaces, a convenient carrying handle and static ground spike. 888.737.3668,

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