Berntsen International InfraMarker RFID system

The InfraMarker RFID system from Berntsen International designed for marking underground assets uses a unique combination of magnetic location and on-site data storage, which allows utilities to find underground assets faster than ever before, saving both time and money.

InfraMarker uses a patent-pending three-step process: GPS to get close to the asset, magnetic locators to pinpoint the location and an RFID data signal to positively identify the asset. Various data sets can be stored directly on the asset for identification and maintenance. The magnetic signal offers a fail-safe signal that will last indefinitely. The InfraMarker RFID system includes InfraMarker software, Trimble ThingMagic for issuing tags, Schonstedt locator for locating the magnetic signal, an RFID reader to read the tag data and a variety of tag designs.

The system is available in various packages to make starting up fast and easy. 800.518.0934,

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