Felling Trailers Air Ramp

Felling Trailers’ air ramp technology has increased in popularity among several of its trailer models for a couple of reasons. To start, Felling air ramps operate via an air bag system that works off of the same supply as the air brake system.

Thus, any air-brake equipped truck can operate a Felling Trailer equipped with air ramps without any other external power source (e.g. battery, gas engine or truck powered hydraulic system). Additionally, air ramps have lower maintenance costs over time and also eliminate the possibility of environmental cleanup issues associated with hydraulic ramp leaks.
Felling has outfitted air ramps on everything from a 20,000 pound capacity tag trailer to a 100,000 pound hydraulic detach trailer. The air lift system is able to lift in excess of 5,000 pounds, which gives it more than enough power, and is available in 36 inch, 45 inch, and full-width options on any air-brake equipped trailer. 800.245.2809, felling.com

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