Ditch Witch Introduces Small-But-Powerful JT25

A new 27,000-pound pullback model has been added to the Ditch Witch line of horizontal directional drills.

The JT25 was introduced at the 2013 Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT) show in Houston, and shipping the first orders began in late February, said Randy Rupp, senior product manager, HDD and drill pipe, for The Charles Machine Works Inc., manufacturer of Ditch Witch equipment.

Rupp said the JT25 is a powerful HDD package in a small footprint, designed to be simple to use, productive and durable.

“It has new features, along with proven features of established Ditch Witch horizontal directional drilling (HDD) systems,” said Rupp. “We see it as a workhorse for utility contractors who are making four to 12-inch openings of 500 feet or less every day.”

In addition to 27,000 pounds of pullback, key specifications of the JT25 include a 130-horsepower Tier 4i engine and 2-speed spindle rotation with 2,600 foot pounds of torque (high) and 4,000 foot pounds (low). Maximum spindle speed is 220 rpm. The drill unit is 19.25 feet long and seven feet wide.

Rupp said the JT25 has a single-sided, one piece rack-and-pinion thrust drive designed for smooth operation and simplified serviceability.

“The drive system incorporates a low-speed, high-torque radial piston motor providing strong breakout torque at every speed,” Rupp continued. “The JT25 is the only drill unit in the industry using this motor. This powerful motor allows for a simpler design with no planetary gearbox required.”

Auto rock mode

A carve mode automatically adjusts changes in drill path direction while working in hard soil or rock. The feature is easy to use and reduces operator fatigue and the potential for error.

Operator controls feature an angled control console and hydraulic operator platform swing. There is the option of a single- or dual-joy stick to control thrust and rotation, Rupp said this Ditch Witch exclusive feature allows purchasers to choose the configuration that best fits their operators, allowing them to adapt quicker to the JT25.

Proven Ditch Witch features also include independent rear stabilizers and an exclusive dual-pivot drill frame which all can be controlled from a convenient console mounted on the side of the unit.

With the addition of the JT25, the Ditch Witch HDD line contains 11 models, ranging from a pullback of 5,000 to 100,000 pounds, along with drill pipe, downhole tools, electronic tracking equipment, fluid mixing systems and accessories. Other Ditch Witch products include trenchers, vibratory plows, compact utility equipment, vacuum excavators, utility locators and support equipment. Ditch Witch equipment is sold and serviced by the worldwide Ditch Witch dealer organization.


Ditch Witch, (800) 654-6481, www.ditchwitch.com

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