PLM Unveils VOLTEK SYSTEMS Powerline Proximity Device

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) announces the latest innovation to be added to its pipeline solutions line-up — the VOLTEK SYSTEMS family of High Voltage Safety Devices manufactured by United Safety Inc.

The VOLTEK NS is a core safety device that will detect AC, alert and monitor/ log internally for optional download all settings or levels changed, alarms triggered, power cutouts, and electrical field detections.

Updatable firmware allows features and behavior to be modified on-site without changing hardware. VOLTEK NS is self-resetting; eliminating the need to replace fuses and it utilizes digital radio transceivers for wireless communication.

Key features:
• 12 and 24 volt system compatible;
• All digital technology;
• Backlit buttons for night use;
• Wireless remote option (coming soon);
• Internal & external alarm system;
• Auto Shutdown feature when connected to vehicle eStop;
• Detects A/C power;
• Detects 11Kv at approximately 400 feet at maximum sensitivity; and
• Integrated VOLTEK SCRIBE technology accessible through VOLTEK CORE software. 713.939.0007,

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