New Staff Announced For Underground Construction, Sister Publications

Oliver C. Klinger III, publisher of Underground Construction and Pipeline & Gas Journal, has announced the addition of two new editors. and the promotion of a third.

Current Managing Editor Rita Tubb has been promoted to Executive Editor of Underground Construction, Pipeline & Gas Journal and Pipeline News, writing and editing for all three publications.

Mike Reed is the new managing editor of Pipeline & Gas Journal, and will also contribute articles to Underground Construction. He comes primarily from a newspaper background, most recently serving as regional news editor for 23 weeklies at Houston Community Newspapers. He also has daily news experience with The Houston Post as a copy editor and the Victoria (TX) Advocate as assistant sports editor. He has experience covering pipeline projects and oilfield services, both as freelance writer and writer/editor at Pipeline Listing Services. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Southern Illinois University. Reed can be reached at

Kate Permenter is the new pipeline projects editor for Pipeline News and will contribute articles to Underground Construction and Pipeline & Gas Journal. She will also work on the Underground Construction Technology Conference website and social media. Permenter holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston. She has prior experience in the oil and gas publishing sector as well as technical writing for the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. She also does content management for and runs the site’s social media relations. Permenter can be reached at

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