Structural Technologies StrongPIPE Hybrid FRP

StrongPIPE Hybrid FRP is a structural strengthening system for the restoration of damaged or weakened large diameter pressure pipe.

StrongPIPE Hybrid FRP utilizes a continuously wound steel tensile reinforcement that forms a composite liner inside the existing pipe.

Standard production is for pipe with an internal diameter of 48 inches and larger. For diameters below 48 inches, contact Structural Technologies. StrongPIPE Hybrid FRP is well-suited for prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) and applicable to other large diameter pipe materials including RCP, steel and ductile. The watertight structural membrane has a nominal liner thickness of 0.5 inches, which maximizes pipe diameter and reduces flow loss. The use of StrongPIPE save time and lessens impact to operations as no shafts or excavation are required to perform repairs and it is easily accessed through standard manholes. 410.859.6539,

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