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The following are comments regarding articles from the April edition of Underground Construction:

To Senior Editor Jeff Griffin:

Your article “Priorities In Dealing With Gas Line Hits” is superb! I expect that it will save lives. Thanks!

Paul F. Munn, P.E.
Project Manager/Project Engineer
The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.

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To Editor Robert Carpenter

Just a note to say that your April 2013 Editor’s Log had a great (i.e., positive) impact upon me and others to whom I’ve shown it. The sharing of your personal experiences added a lot to it.

Take care and keep up the good work!

Jon C. Schladweiler, P.E.
Sewer Historian

Nice ‘Editor’s Log’ piece, April. Well written (as always), and very chilling. Your example really hit the point home.

Steve Cooper
SCA Communications

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