New Supersucker HDX By Super Products

Super Products has expanded its line of Supersucker industrial vacuum loaders with the addition of a new model that can provide long-lasting, effective hydro excavation performance.

The new Supersucker HDX is equipped with a water system that includes a standard 600-gallon capacity water tank setup and a hydraulically-driven pump that delivers flow up to 14 gpm and pressure up to 3,000 psi. The unit’s 8-foot articulating boom offers 330-degree rotation and 27-foot reach, and has the ability to pivot 45 degrees upward and 25 degrees downward. Boom functions can be operated with either a wireless remote control or wired pendant, each of which come standard with the unit.

To ensure the complete removal of material, an 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides air flow to 5,800 CFM and 28 inches of vacuum. And single-mode filtration enables the loading of both wet and dry material with no changeover required. The durable collector body is constructed of ¼-inch steel and offers a payload capacity of 18 cubic yards. A heavy-duty, telescoping double-acting cylinder provides a 51-degree dump angle for thorough unloading.

The Supersucker HDX can be specified with Super Product’ latest innovation, the Acculevel load sensor system. With the ability to operate in an extremely broad temperature range and immune to air flow, noise, vibration, dust and humidity, the Acculevel continuously and precisely monitors the volume of collected liquid, solid or slurry material while external lights on the main cabinet clearly indicate the remaining space available in the collector body. And when full capacity is reached, the system automatically relieves the vacuum to prevent over-filling which can result in lost productivity and wasted hours of clean up. 800.837.9711,

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