Gas And Water Leak Detection: Equipment Spotlight

Gas and water Leak Detection products from EZ Drill, Moffatt Enterprises, Vivax-Metrotech, SENSIT Technologies, Heath Consultants, Echologics and Aries Industries.

EZ Drill
E-Z Drill offers a vertical drill tailored to gas utility companies. The Model 20 UTL saves valuable time and money by allowing companies to pinpoint the site of a gas leak without tearing out a significant stretch of roadway. The standard 18-inch drill depth can be significantly modified based on needs, with depths customized to several feet deep. Drill bit diameter ranges from 5/8 inch to 2 1/2 inches. A minimum of 100-cfm compressed air is required for operating the drill. Quick coupler air fittings make short work of repairs, and a quick-release bit guide also saves time. The drill weighs just 207 pounds and is supported by a 29-inch wheel base. 800.272.0121,

Moffatt Enterprises
Find a leak in less than 30 seconds before it is buried, without pressure by testing each pipe joint as it is laid. An ultrasonic transmitter is used in coordination with an ultrasonic detector to find the leak. The detector converts inaudible ultrasonic signals into audible tones and amplifies them for ease of detection. By placing the transmitter on the inside of a pipe or test item, the signal will seek out and penetrate any hole in the pipe or joint. 541.548.1144


The hydrophone PAM HYDRO-2 is designed to listen for leaks through the water column of a pipe section. New sensor technology enables the operator to cover greater distances and diameters on HDPE, PVC, AC and metal pipes. Offered as a pair, this set of hydrophones can only be used with Vivax-Metrotech’s correlators HL6000X-1; HL6000X-2; HL6000X-3 and HL6000X-PC. This PAM Hydro-2 is highly sensitive – especially in the lower frequency band (<300Hz). This is most important while listening through water and for longer distances to cover. The handling is simple and allows a quick set up. A ball valve at the end of the air release hose makes an air free operation safe and comfortable. The bayonet quick connector can also be used to attach a pressure gauge. 800.446.3392,

SENSIT Technologies

SENSITGOLD G2 is the most versatile and user-friendly gas detection instrument available. SENSIT GOLD G2 allows the user to perform fast and accurate gas leak surveys and investigations. An audible tick helps find gas leaks fast. The instrument can be configured with a variety of sensors for purging and confined space applications. 888.473.6748,

Heath Consultants
The Heath AQUA-SCOPE water leak detector is an instrument which amplifies the frequencies (sound waves) generated by a water leak. Operators find that the AQUA-SCOPE allows maximum freedom of movement and superior sensitivity of the audio and visual signals, thereby improving on the detection and pinpointing of leaks from the surface. The AQUA-SCOPE allows an operator to choose between the ground and direct contact microphones to detect sonic frequencies. Electronic circuitry within the water detector amplifies the sound of the water leak and the operator interprets the differences in signal strength to localize the leak for fast pinpointing. 800-HEATH-US,


An 1/8-inch hole in a water main can lose over one million gallons of water a year. With LeakFinderRT, you’ll have unparalleled accuracy at your fingertips. This Windows-based leak detection system uses leak noise correlation to pinpoint seepages in all types of water and fluid pipes including plastic. LeakFinderRT eliminates the reliance on the hardware component of leak noise correlators by using your own PC – so that you can have the fastest microprocessor available. An enhanced correlation function dramatically improves identifying narrow-band leak noise. Now plastic pipes, multiple leak situations, and scenarios where leak sensors have to be closely spaced are easy to work with. Plus, the enhanced correlation function is more effective for small leaks or situations with high background noise. 888-ECHOLOG,

Aries Industries

GasCam can enhance the diagnosis of distribution system problems, minimize costly excavations, and streamline the maintenance and repair process. It can also assist maintenance personnel by accurately locating blockages, water infiltration, cracked or broken mains, undocumented valves and service taps, and unauthorized service taps. The daylight readable LCD color monitor provides bright colorful easy viewing. The smaller color camera head eases the entry and exit from taps. GasCam advances live gas main inspection technology and is certified intrinsically safe to stringent Class I, Division I, Group D standards. 800.234.7204,

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