Pumps And Dewatering Equipment: Equipment Spotlight

Pumps and dewatering equipment from Xylem, Holland Pump, Grindex Pumps, Atlas Copco, Rain for Rent, Gorman-Rupp, Thompson Pump & Mfg. and Griffin Pump.

A new powerful and compact Godwin Vac-Prime is a highly efficient, automatic, self-priming dewatering solution ideally suited to well-pointing. As a result of its compact size, Xylem’s Godwin Vac-Prime is easy to move and transport. It does not require specialist transport and with its lifting frame, fork pockets and optional wheels, it needs minimal on-site equipment. The speed of air evacuation that it delivers is due to a combination of the highly efficient vacuum pump and the fast-priming system. Vac-Prime 4-inch and 6-inch models can manage heads of 11-25 meters, flows of 100-374 m³/h and solids handling of 45-75mm. 914.323.5700, xyleminc.com

Holland Pump

Holland Pump Standby Lift Stations provide 100 percent redundancy and double protection from both electrical failures and mechanical failures. Holland Pump has models available from 3 to 18 inches in capacities from 400 to 40,000 gpm with solids up to 6 inches and can be powered with diesel or natural gas engines. Holland’s Prime 3 priming system has suction lift capability to 28 feet and has 50 CFM priming power. The electronic monitoring system is a micro-processor based single engine controller that supports both mechanical and electronic engines and permits the user to readily and remotely instruct the control system to do a broad range of activities including auto start/stop, and communicates through an RS485 and RS432 for Modbus RTU. 800.451.0796, hollandpump.com

Grindex Pumps

Grindex Pumps offers a complete line of highly efficient and reliable submersible pumps for drainage and sludge applications ranging from 0.6 to 140 horsepower. These pumps boast solids handling capability of up to 3.2 inch, capacities of up to 375 feet and 5,000 GPM. Stainless steel options are available. Air cooling valves permit pumps to run dry without damage. With SMART motor protection Grindex pumps will not run backwards, will not single phase and will not overheat. 708.781.2135, grindex.com/us

Atlas Copco

WEDA submersible pumps are available in nine different models, including a sludge pump, and are available to handle applications of any size. The cost-effective, unique sealing system allows the user to change seals, impellers and other parts in just minutes. The replaceable cartridge seals include the necessary bearings, lubricant and other components. The modular design creates a lightweight product with fewer parts and minimal service hours for lower total cost. Machined slots also make separation of the various parts of each pump easier. Since the stainless steel bolts and nuts are a uniform size, only one tool is needed for maintenance. Other WEDA pump features include built-in starter and motor protection, optional automatic level control, adjustable wear-resistant rubber diffusers, and hardened high chrome impellers. 800.732.6762, atlascopco.us

Rain for Rent

The portable, centrifugal 24-inch DV600c pump from Rain for Rent is the largest high-flow portable pump available for rent or sale in the United States. With a flow rate up to 28,000 GPM, the DV600c pump is perfect for large pumping projects. This pump produces 96-foot head, suction lift up to 28 feet, and handles solids up to 5.25 inches. With a footprint of 170 square feet, smaller than some lower volume pumps, the DV600c can be easily transported by truck. A 430 gallon integral fuel cell allows for 22 hour run time. 800.742.7246, rainforrent.com


The Gorman-Rupp line of Prime Aire Plus pumps employs the same venturi/compressor priming system as the Prime Aire line. Increased head, flow and enhanced maintenance features are additional benefits of the pumps. Models feature up to 8-inch flanged discharge sizes, provide flows up to 4,950 gpm, and heads to 475 feet. 419.755.1011, GRpumps.com

Thompson Pump & Mfg.

The Enviroprime System provides automatic priming with the environmental advantage of not spilling pump fluids during initial priming and re-priming throughout operation. Ideal for wastewater and sewer bypassing, they are available in sizes from 2 to 18 inches with capacities up to 11,000 gpm, heads to 430 feet and solids up to 4 inches. 877.978.2321, thompsonpump.com

Griffin Pump
Griffin’s Model 18 NCRD pumps are capable of delivering flows exceeding 17,000 gallons per minute and providing head capacities of 240 feet or more. Griffin non-clog pumps are an ideal solution for sewer bypasses, flood control, sumping, or any other application requiring high volume and the ability to move trash laden effluent. It features a non–clog impeller capable of handling stringy materials and solids up to 4.5 inches and a large clean out/inspection port for hassle-free removal of large debris over 4.5 inches without removing suction pipe or hose. These pumps are available in vacuum-assist, diaphragm prime or compressor prime with either electric or diesel powered engines. 866.770.8100, griffinpump.com

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