Elastopolymer Binder For Interior Pipe Coatings Offers Several Benefits

Southern Trenchless Solutions has introduced a new elastopolymer binder for interior pipe coating material that the company says combines the benefits of structural mortars and epoxy coatings in a single competitively priced product.

Eric Dupre, Southern Trenchless business development manager, describes the product as an industry breakthrough.

“Our new, patented cementless binder replaces Portland cement with recycled materials placing it in the ‘green’ category that has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional Portland cements,” explained Dupre. “Other ‘cementless’ polymers on the market use chemical solution activators rather than water making this polymer unique and extremely user friendly.

“Compared to mortar and cement products,” he continued, “the new elastopolymer binder can withstand extreme heat and corrosion making it an ideal product for many new or remediation wastewater and industrial applications.”

The product was developed by Southern Trenchless Technology in a joint venture with Blue World Crete Inc. which holds the patent rights for the binder.

Multiple application options

Coatings containing the binder can be applied by hand trowel, as spray-applied shotcrete or by spin casting. The new elastopolymer binder is available now.

“We are launching a nationwide applicator network offering all our specialized materials, equipment and certified training for the new elastomeric polymer binder and other products,” Dupre said. “Licensing and territories are being executed on case-by-case arrangements. We have a flexible annual applicator agreement that allows both parties to opt in or out, similar to a franchise but without long-term contracts. We market nationally and globally and forward leads to applicators within our network or organizations seeking to join our network with quality in mind.

“Products don’t install themselves and we have a qualified training support team,” he added. “That is American Concrete Institute (ACI or NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) staffed to train applicators to self-perform these liner applications.

“We can custom tailor various mix designs with our elastomeric polymer to create economical material solutions. For example, epoxy coatings have superior corrosion resistance but can become costly when required to have ultra-high build/thickness to bridge large gaps. In that case, structural repair mortar is often used as the filler because it is more economical and is protected with an epoxy top coat. With this new binder material, we can design a single application product that is corrosion resistant and economical, combining the best of both worlds into one product. The process offers many advantages, including reduced time to complete with less risk because personnel spend less time in confined spaces.”

Southern Trenchless Technology offers a wide variety of specialty rehabilitation materials, including 100 percent solids high-build epoxies, high-strength structural mortars and new synthetic geopolymers.

Dupre said that with the company’s full line of materials, it has developed installation equipment, including its SpinCast system with all necessary equipment mounted on a 20-foot gooseneck trailer.

Southern Trenchless is a complete solutions resource collaborating with engineers, municipalities and other industry professionals to ensure the highest quality end product is installed to industry standards.

Southern Trenchless Solutions, (956) 763-7898, http://southerntrenchless.com

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