Newpark Mat and Integrated Services DURA-BASE T-REX Mat Cleaning System

Drilling and completion crews can now handle the biggest rig mat cleaning jobs in hours instead of days, thanks to the new DURA-BASE T-REX Mat Cleaning System. The T-REX compliments Newpark Mat and Integrated Services’ DURA-BASE Advanced-Composite Mats and was developed to reduce the time needed to clean rig matting and speed the site-to-site redeployment of equipment and completion operations.

The DURA-BASE T-REX Mat Cleaning System alleviates the tedious hassle of cleaning the mats manually and is fully contained, which reduces the amount of water required by recycling it. Additionally, the T-REX can be transported via tractor trailer, the system can be deployed anywhere throughout the Marcellus region.

While Newpark’s roll out of the T-REX will initially be limited to the Marcellus, the company plans to expand the offering to other markets. 877.628.7623,

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