Tracking Systems, Wireline Systems: Equipment Spotlight

Wireline locators from INROCK, Horizontal Technology, Sharewell HDD Services and Underground Tools Inc.

ABIA is a sophisticated tool that is embedded directly into INROCK’s XTM Mud. Inclination is measured at the bit and transmitted via EM to the ParaTrack Probe. Comparing ABIA inclination with inclination of the ParaTrack probe, the Guidance Engineer can monitor deviation or deflection issues. Fractured formation can cause deflections in drilling. The ABIA is integrated into the bit box of INROCK’s XTM Mud Motor putting the sensor directly behind the bit. Imbedding ABIA into the motor bit box maintaining optimum bit to bend ratios. 713.690.5600,

Horizontal Technology

The DataTraX guidance system is accurate and automates records with ease. DataTraX offers the protection of detailed documentation of lines drilled in position with the HDD industry’s most accurate guidance and tracking method. DTX system can often exceed, plus or minus 1 percent of the depth. The recorded data can be converted to auto-cad and is GIS compatible. Perhaps the best feature is that there are no footage fees, saving the contractor many thousands of dollars annually. 888.556.5511,

Sharewell HDD Services

Sharewell HDD Services’ steering tool is a directional guidance system specifically designed for HDD applications that provides both directional survey information and annular pressure while drilling. The system operates with TruTracker to provide drilling information including inclination; tool face; azimuth; position; temperature; and annular pressure. The system can be operated with or without the pressure sensor. When operating with pressure, a special pressure sub is required for the bottom hole assembly. Steering tool components include the probe, drillers console, interface, computer and printer. 281.288.2560,

Underground Tools Inc.
Underground Tools’ sonde housing showcases a ¾-inch thick access door on the sonde housing for superior protection of valuable electronics. The thick housing features a slightly larger body diameter for greater wear resistance and durability. The housing incorporates a 7-hole Vermeer pattern that is compatible with UTI pilot bits, including UTI Gold Series bits or Vermeer pilot bits. Custom adapters allow the housing to be used with all makes and models of drill rigs. 866.488.3478.

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