Fecon FMA8039 Hydraulic Powered Milling Attachment

Fecon introduces the new FMA8039 Hydraulic Powered Milling Attachment rated at 260-550 hp, to process soil, stumps and roots up to 20 inches below grade. A massive weight of approximately 11,000 pounds (depending on options) keeps the attachment engaged as carbide tools cut through an 80-inch wide path of material.

A 39-inch by 80-inch large diameter rotor has an innovative structural design and abrasion resistant steel for durability and performance across a wide range of soil conditions. Sixty-four carbide cutting tools provide a balance of performance, wear life, and impact strength in sub-soil applications. Dual hydraulic motors deliver power to the belt-over-gear box driveline to slow the rotor speed, reduce abrasion, and multiply torque to power through material. The standard trap door can be used to help contain and direct material downward, or an optional compacting roller can smooth out and compact the finely milled material.

The FMA8039 milling attachment can be configured with custom mounts, hydraulic motors, and belt ratios to fit many brands of track or wheeled carriers including Fecon’s FTX400 and FTX600 track carriers. 800.528.3113, fecon.com

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