Industry Veteran Keith Hanks Retires

Keith Hanks, senior environmental engineer for the Wastewater Conveyance Engineering Division for the city of Los Angeles, CA, retired from the industry effective Sept. 21.

Hanks began his 28-year career with the city in 1985 as a civil engineering assistant with the Wastewater Program of the Bureau of Engineering.

In 1985, he earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master in Civil Engineering from Brigham Young University. In 1992, he earned a Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

In 1986, he was promoted to Civil Engineering Assistant II, to Civil Engineering Assistant III, and to Civil Engineering Associate I. In 1989, he progressed to Civil Engineering Associate II. In 1990, he promoted to Sanitary Engineer with the Bureau of Sanitation. In 1994, Keith returned to BOE in the capacity of civil engineer. In 1999, he was promoted to Senior Sanitary (now Environmental) Engineer.

Highlights of Hanks’ career with the city of Los Angeles include completion of the Tillman Phase II Primary Tank Expansion; getting sodium bisulfite approved for use in dechlorination at the LA Glendale Treatment Plant, completion of the East Central Interceptor Sewer Project (ECIS); getting North Outfall Sewer (NOS) Maze III designed and bid; approval of products for non-circular pipe slip-lining; approval of use of precast inserts for live sewer connections; coordinating the BOE Wastewater Training Program; approval of MCA requirement for Metro to encase sewers with rail lines crossing over them; and standardization of material properties for cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner design.

Hanks has worked tirelessly in the pursuit of finding the most cost effective and efficient methods to rehabilitate and replace the city’s underground infrastructure. He has developed guidelines for the city’s approved methods and materials and has been a strong advocate for the trenchless technology industry.

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