Terramac Introduces Customized Cleats For The RT9

Terramac LLC has introduced custom-made, removable cleats for its RT9 rubber track crawler carrier. The steel cleats provide a solution for contractors working in icy or snow-covered mountainous terrain, on extremely muddy ground or whenever additional traction is required.

“A customer was using the Terramac RT9 carrier on a pipeline job out east,” said Mike Crimaldi, president of Terramac. “In the winter, the snow gets packed into the tracks and makes it tough to get up steep inclines. Our team got together and created steel cleats that provide traction and are easy to install.”

Unlike traditional screw-on spikes, the bolt-on, bolt-off cleats do not harm the track in any way.

“We designed these cleats knowing that there may be a situation where the cleat is binding,” said Terramac service manager, Joey Giannetto. “A different grade bolt was used to allow the bolt to shear. This not only protects the track, but reduces cost and downtime for the customer.”

Contractors are able to add or remove the cleats themselves in about an hour depending on the quantity. It is recommended that 16 cleats be installed on each track, with a minimum of eight per track.

The new cleats and other parts and services for the Terramac rubber track crawler carrier are available from Terramac distributor Rig Source Inc. Rental units are also available. 877.365.1649, rigsourcein.com

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