UCTA North Texas Scholarship Winners

The North Texas Chapter of the Underground Construction Technology Association (UCTA) awarded a total of $9,000 in college scholarships at their August general meeting held in Euless, TX.

The recipients were: Maria Box, daughter of Thelma Box, BDS Technologies Inc.; Sierra and Amy Norwood, children of Walter Norwood, LAN; Taylor Baker, child of John Baker, City of Garland, TX; Allison Bennett, daughter of John Bennett, Trinity River Water Authority; Annie and Aaron Reck, children of Todd Reck, City of Irving, TX; Emily Benton, daughter of Terry Benton, City of Arlington, TX; Harrison Wendland, son of William Wendland, Burgess & Niple; Harrison Kurtz, son of David Kurtz, Pure Technologies; Cassandra Lange, daughter of Donald Lange, Brown & Gay; Amber Flores, Pure Technologies; and Christopher Martin, son of Clete Martin, Alan Plummer Associates.

For more information about the UCTA and its programs, visit their website at www.uctaonline.org.

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