Rokla GmbH, Webster Hydraulic Cutting Units

Rokla GmbH is the exclusive producer of the latest generation of Webster Hydraulic Cutting Units made with high-quality components from Germany.

Rokla and Ian Webster have launched an innovation campaign under the brand name Rockwheel. Available in various sizes, the transverse cutting units are robust, reliable and versatile, and will be launched on the world market at competitive prices.

In the mid-sized and medium-performance class, the Rockwheel cutting units have only three main components: the housing, motor and cutting heads (with picks). Their lighter weight makes them ideal for smaller excavators.

A four-part Rockwheel-model, with gearbox, for 2 to 10 tonne (2-10 ton) excavators is also available. This 22 kW (29 hp) cutting unit has a special feature: with a second motor the power output and performance of the (tool) attachment can easily be doubled. Currently the largest Rockwheel cutting unit is being produced – also a four-part unit, with gearbox. This powerhouse for excavators of 40 tonnes (40 tons) and over has a power of 140 kW to 220 kW (188-295 hp).

All Rockwheel cutting units are equipped with high-torque hydraulic engines and are designed so that the picks, which are mounted on the drums at an optimal angle, can penetrate the material with maximum power. The cutting heads rotate at a speed that achieves outstanding excavation and ensures a clean profile. The design and power components of the low-vibration Rockwheel cutting units are perfectly adjusted, ensuring that the picks grip strongly and hardly ever bounce. +49 7905 666,

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