LMK To Distribute Picote Cutter Systems

Picote Oy Ltd., headquartered in Porvoo, Finland has selected LMK Technologies as its North American Distributor for the full line of trenchless drain rehabilitation machinery and tools for use in cured-in‐place pipe (CIPP) and drain cleaning. LMK Technologies located in Ottawa, IL, is an industry leader in trenchless rehabilitation for lateral sewer lines and mainline to lateral connection systems.

According to Larry Kiest, president, CTO and founder of LMK, “The addition of the Picote line of cutters and tools is the perfect complement to LMK’s line of engineered pipe renovation products and proprietary installation equipment. These cutters will allow contractors to offer more solutions and save contractors significant time and therefore reduce costs in lining operations for drain pipes and service lateral pipes.” LMK will be importing and warehousing Picote equipment and replacement parts in order to serve the North American market.

Picote has a growing range of products including the award winning Smart Cutter System. Utilizing a variety of tools, the Smart Cutter allows the removal of tuberculation, tree roots and the reestablishing of branch lines in building drains and sewer pipes to be done easily through a single pipe access such as a clean‐out. Service lateral pipes can also be re‐instated post mainline lining by simply accessing a clean‐out to insert the Smart Cutter. The Smart Cutter is suitable for use in pipe diameters between 11/4 and 8 inches. The Twister model is Picote’s new lateral cutter for plastic pipes and is also available in a comprehensive range of diameters. 815.433.1275 lmktechnologies.com/picote

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