Centennial Plastics gets geothermal piping systems certified

NSF International has certified Centennial Plastics Inc.’s CenFuse geothermal pipes to the American National Standard for Ground-Source Geothermal Piping Systems – NSF/ANSI Standard 358-1: Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings for Water-Based Ground-Source “Geothermal” Heat Pump Systems.

Centennial Plastics is the first company to earn certification to this standard, providing engineers, regulators and users assurance that its certified geothermal products meet minimum performance and safety requirements.

Centennial Plastics’ CenFuse geothermal pipes are utilized as part of geothermal piping systems that provide heating or cooling by moving heat, rather than by creating heat like conventional systems (e.g. furnaces). Geothermal systems can produce the desired heating and cooling temperature by relying on underground temperatures, which remain relatively constant year round. Geothermal piping systems for residential and commercial building applications have innumerable benefits such as low operating costs and environmental impact, long-term durability and ease of retrofitting.

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