Envirosight DCX5000 Command Center

The new DCX5000 Command Center grants fingertip access to all ROVVER X system functions from a single interface.

Twin proportional joysticks allow precision control of camera and crawler movement, while conveniently positioned thumbwheels control illumination intensity, cruise speed, camera height and reel force. Illuminated pushbuttons (a combination of fixed and assignable) present other commonly used functions. The 10-inch tiltable LCD touchscreen lets an operator drill down to deeper functions and parameters and a full QWERTY keyboard streamlines data entry. The DCX5000 Command Center consists of four separate components (left hand panel, right hand panel, keyboard, monitor) that can be installed as a unitized interface, or individually to suit unique needs of the operator. All components are designed for surface mounting and wired from the bottom to eliminate clutter. 802.989.9002, envirosight.com

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