Barricade Bracket

The patented Barricade Bracket has been designed to enhance the work zone by forming an enclosed, impenetrable work area.

Link numerous arms forming endless straightaway. Its unique durable, yet lightweight, design offers a greater measure of safety, and allows your company to conform to all OSHA safety specifications and an overall cost savings. Barricade Bracket joins barricades with highly flexible angling (0 – 180) for nearly any configuration. It eliminates barricade gaps, preventing pedestrian shortcuts. Made with 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene, the bracket accommodates plastic, I-beam and wood barricade arms.

The Barricade Bracket is designed to work in conjunction with A-frame barricades to provide a more secure enclosed work zone. It will eliminate the need for two legs per barricade. By replacing one leg with two Barricade Brackets, you will provide a safer, sturdier and protective work zone. Simply by eliminating legs from a typical work zone you will automatically decrease the potential for a tripping hazard.

If using two arms (one top and one bottom) you will need two Barricade Brackets for each leg replaced. If your work site only uses one top arm, you will only need one Barricade Bracket for each leg replaced. 516.493.8475,

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