ALLU Introduces In Situ Mixing GPS 3D Positioning System

The ALLU 3D Positioning System is the newest addition to the ALLU Group Inc. lineup of specialized products for mass stabilization in the geotechnical market and solidification/stabilization (S/S) in the remediation market.

The new system uses GPS signals to precisely locate the ALLU PMX excavator-mounted power mixing head, guiding the excavator operator to feed the correct amount of binder and to thoroughly mix each block of the job matrix.

Mass stabilization or solidification is a fast and cost-effective method for strengthening soft soils by adding a binding agent into the soil to support pavement or other structures. It can also be used to mix binders or additives into contaminated soil or sediment to immobilize hazardous constituents within the treated material and thus preventing the contaminant from spreading into the surrounding areas.

“When a binder is injected into the soil using the 3D Positioning System, there are significant advantages to the operation,” states Charles Wilk, manager of Mass Stabilization and Remediation Applications for ALLU. “Due to the precise placement of the binder, only the optimum amount of binder is used, keeping material costs down. This is critical because generally over 50 percent of the cost for a mass stabilization project is in the cost for the binder agent.”

The new system is comprised of four modules, including computer unit with software, touch screen, base station and GPS Sensor. The ALLU Pressure Feeder Data Acquisition System (DAC) tracks the amount of binder applied and the 3D Positioning System tracks exactly where it was applied. This provides the contractor with more accurate record keeping, a superior quality assurance plan and can result in faster acceptance of the project. The 3D Positioning System tells the operator when to change locations and begin stabilization from another point, optimizing mixing production rates, while ensuring thorough mixing, accurate binder addition rates, and efficient use of the binder.

The ALLU 3D Positioning System may be installed on both existing and new stabilization systems. 800.939.2558,

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