Southland Tool Ultimate Manhole Hook

Southland Tool’s new patented Ultimate Manhole Hook – the Pook – is a must-have for everyone in the sewer and waste water cleaning industries. The Pook is a super strong, heavy duty pick and manhole hook.

The hardened steel head has a pick on one end to dislodge asphalt that may have been poured around the rim of the manhole cover, and a hook on the other end, which goes into the hole of the manhole rim. Having the pick on the other side provides leverage as you lift the manhole cover off. A solid block of steel serves as the support base for the ¾-inch round handle. The triangle hand grip at the top is smooth and easy to grab. The Pook is heat-treated, so it will not bend. After the hardening process is complete, the Pook is power coated in Safety Orange. 714.632.8198,

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