Applied Felts Introduces AquaCure RP

Applied Felts now offers its latest innovation in CIPP liner technology — AquaCure RP — a breakthrough liner that combines fiberglass reinforcement with Applied Felts’ existing, best-in-class felt liner design and construction.

This exclusive technology fully integrates and blends the unique properties of each, providing the strongest, most robust liner on the market today.

“Our goal has always been to provide our customers with liners that combine superior physical and mechanical properties with maximum performance,” said Alex Johnson, president of Applied Felts Inc. “We feel that we have now raised the bar with our new reinforced liners by adding the strength of fiberglass while maintaining essentially the same characteristics of our standard felt liners. AquaCure RP performs and installs just like our non-reinforced liners with most of the same procedures and operations our customers have used for years. It is impregnated on the same roller beds, using the same vacuums, and can be installed with the same equipment and techniques. But its improved performance, including stretching up to 10 percent to the existing pipe wall and delivering improved resin saturation and retention properties, makes it an excellent addition to our world-class felt liners.”

The AquaCure RP marriage of fiberglass and felt delivers additional benefits to improve onsite economies and value, including a matrix that significantly reduces the thickness of liners, particularly large diameter applications designed for higher load environments, which would normally require low SDR values with the resultant problems associated with thicker liner sections. With these thinner liners, installers should realize resin savings and potentially lower material costs while the lighter overall weight should make transportation, handling and installation faster and easier. 276.656.1904,

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