Tensar North American Green VMax W3000

Tensar North American Green is launching the VMax W3000 high performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM), which provides increased strength and protection for effective erosion control and maximum vegetation establishment.

The high strength, three-dimensional mat consists of a woven corrugated middle layer integrally interlaced into the woven top and bottom layers, which produces separate strata zones for both root and stem reinforcement. The VMax W3000’s corrugated structure forms protective troughs perpendicular to water flow that function as check dams to capture and retain in-filled seed and soil. Other woven TRM products do not have these protective troughs, which results in more seed/soil infill resting on top of the mat instead of within the mat, creating an erosion-prone plane.

The VMax W3000 has an increased thickness providing an optimum open area for effective vegetation reinforcement and protection against high flow induced shear forces. The VMax W3000 also has very high tensile strength. The mat was tested to greater than 3,000 pounds/feet tensile strength with 80 percent minimum tensile retention after 3,000-hours of UV exposure. The increased tensile allows for greater bearing capacity of vegetated soils when subjected to heavy loads from maintenance equipment and other traffic. 770.344.2090, tensarcorp.com/north-american-green

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