New Logo Reflects Expanding Mission Of The Pipeline And Energy Expo

The Pipeline and Energy Expo has unveiled a new logo with brand standards to reflect the annual event’s focus on Oklahoma’s leadership role in a forward-thinking energy industry.

“The new TPE logo really speaks to where we are going as an industry,” said Bill Solomon, chairman of The Pipeline and Energy Expo. “We’re not just zeroing in on oil and gas. We’re also looking at the importance of water energy, wind energy and clean energy, and how these sources factor as a whole into the success of the Oklahoma business community. The very best companies in these business sectors are in Oklahoma, and play a key role in the support of TPE.”

Building on the success of prior events, The Pipeline and Energy Expo, formerly known as the Tulsa Pipeline Expo, is also broadening its reach with offers of year-round learning and networking opportunities intended to encourage energy related service providers doing business in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and across the state.

Oklahoma has been ranked fourth in the nation in natural gas production and fifth in the nation in crude oil production, according the State Chamber of Oklahoma’s website. Nearly one-fourth of all Oklahoma jobs are either directly or indirectly tied to the energy sector, and a recent commentary published by the office of Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on noted that the state is ranked sixth in the nation in terms of the percentage of electricity generated from wind. These key indicators draw attention to the importance of energy production across a broad range of sectors fueling Oklahoma’s economy and providing reliable sources of power to both residents and businesses.

Solomon said an important part of the Expo’s mission is to educate the marketplace and complement regional initiatives. He looks at the Expo as an opportunity to help strengthen the overall business climate in Oklahoma, and attract out-of-state businesses that may consider establishing a permanent presence in the state.

“Financial services groups are also paying attention to how supporting the growth and needs of large and smaller companies – both of which play an equally important role as a collective group – can add luster to our already bustling energy sector,” Solomon said. “If we have strong Oklahoma companies, others will want to come here and do business.”

The Pipeline and Energy Expo includes three days of professional development opportunities with high-profile keynote speakers and networking events, a trade show, and continuing education seminars. Proceeds from the annual charity golf tournament, silent auction, and benefit dinner support Oklahoma charitable organizations.

“The Expo continues to grow and gain momentum due to local involvement and ongoing participation of the Oklahoma business community,” Solomon said. “The event’s credibility has been made clear by the support of the governor, state senators, state representatives and key chambers of commerce. Everything you need from an energy services standpoint is right here in Oklahoma.”

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