TT Technologies Introduces Largest Pipe Ramming Gear Inventory Available In Industry

TT Technologies recently introduced the world’s largest, in-stock inventory of pneumatic pipe ramming gear able to accommodate four-inch through 120-inch casing installations.

TT Technologies recently expanded its large diameter inventory to now cover direct connections to 108-inch and 120-inch steel pipe.

TT Technologies Equipment Specialist Kevin Nagle said, “The key to pipe ramming success is in the direct heavy connection to the steel pipe. We are excited to now offer the most extensive ram gear inventory available, in-stock. This means that contractors and municipalities no longer need to wait for inventory or fabricate large step up adapters in order to accommodate their pipe ramming projects, especially large diameter projects.”

During the ramming process the rammer is attached to the rear of the casing. The tool then drives the pipe through the ground with repeated percussive blows. Ramming tools, in general, are capable of installing 4- through 147-inch diameter pipe and steel casings. Ramming has proven effective for horizontal, vertical, and angled applications. Ramming provides accurate installation of casing in a wide range of soil without surface slump, making it ideal for installations under railways and roads. 630.851.8200,

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