Keyhole Technology: Equipment Spotlight

Keyhole technology from Utilicor Technologies, Buzzi Unicem USA, Footage Tools and SIMCO Drilling Equipment.

Utilicor Technologies
The MPX (Multi-Platform Coring Unit) easily mounts on a variety of platforms – pickup trucks, flat deck trucks, service bodies or trailers. Built on a universal base, the MPX fits within the width of even the narrowest of pickup trucks. A simple bolt down pattern allows for easy swapping between vehicles. The new, dual stage mast deployment system accommodates a variety of deck levels or trailer heights. Powered by a 36-hp Kohler gas engine, the MPX’s hydraulic system creates over 18 GPM of hydraulic flow at 2,200. The MPX also accommodates up to a 24-inch diameter coring drum (18-inch is standard). The coring drum can be accurately positioned perpendicular to the horizon to ensure that every core can be easily extracted and reinstated using Utilicor’s Utilibond keyhole core bonding compound. The MPX comes equipped with a 100-gallon water tank, a high pressure wash system and an optional core lift device with a 500 pound capacity, as well as a Glycol winterizing system for operations in colder climates. 888.572.6666,

Buzzi Unicem USA

Buzzi Unicem USA headquartered in Bethlehem, PA, is a worldwide cement company, producing rapid repair products for use in keyhole technology. Ulti-Grout, Ulti-Pave3, and Utility-Fill One Step are approved products for backfill, core reinstatement, or core replacement. All Buzzi coring products allow for traffic loading in one hour or less, with Cold Weather versions available. Our products are in use at US Military airbases worldwide. 610.882.5000,

Footage Tools
The Footage model C200-A2 Remote Squeeze Off Tool is designed to squeeze ½- to 2-inch PE pipe safely and effectively for emergency or keyhole applications. The C200-A2 incorporates a collapsible fixed handle and a detachable rotating handle for ease of storage. Features include a rotating gauge plate, 5/8-inch hex drive for use in confined spaces, a convenient carrying handle and static ground spike. 888.737.3668,

SIMCO Drilling Equipment

For efficient, reliable pavement coring, the SIMCO 255 PTC is able to drill in difficult to access areas. It can core through all types of pavement from 2 to 18 inches in diameter. Specifically, the drillhead torque for 2- to 12-inch cores is 200 foot-pounds and for 8- to 18-inch cores it is 500 foot-pounds; drillhead RPMs are 1,000 rpm (2-12 inch cores) and 425 rpm (8-18 inch cores). Pullback is rated at 14,700 pounds with push down at 10,200 pounds. The drillhead travel net stroke is 42 inches. 800.338.9925,

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