Perma-Liner Issued U.S. Patent

Perma-Liner Industries LLC recently announced the issuance of the U.S Patent No 8,590,575 by the U.S. Patent Office for the company’s scrim-enforced pipe liner.

The patent is issued for stretch-resistant liners for lining pipes, pipes lined with stretch-resistant liners and methods for lining pipes with stretch-resistant liners.

The liners are made from a lamination that includes a sealing layer, a strength layer of stretch-resistant material that overlies the sealing layer, a support layer of non-woven resin-impregnated material that overlies the strength layer, and a barrier layer that overlies the support layer. The lamination is rolled into a tube and inverted when inserted into a pipe so that the barrier layer is the layer that abuts the interior wall of the pipe, the support layer underlies the barrier layer, the strength layer underlies the support layer and the sealing layer underlies the strength layer is contacted by materials flowing through the pipe. 866.336.2568,

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