Devon Installs Multiple Pipelines In Woodford Oil Shale

The Oklahoman reports Devon Energy Corp. is building an extensive system of pipelines to aid in the development of its acreage in central Oklahoma’s Woodford oil shale.

It is basically a network to connect our core area with oil, gas and water pipe,” said Kris Goforth, vice president for Devon’s Mississippian-Woodford business unit.

She said the lines move oil and gas to common sales points Devon is building in the area, where it as drilled 280 wells. Goforth said the pipeline system also reduces truck traffic in the six-township area of Logan County at the core of Devon’s operations.

Construction Foreman Jason Hartman said Devon will have 450 miles of pipeline in the ground by year end 2014. He said the lines are color-coded to prevent confusion – oil lines are green, gas lines are black with yellow stripes and water lines have purple stripes. The pipelines are installed in a 90-foot right-of-way, but “even that’s crowding us for laying the three lines.”

Devon also built several compressor stations in the area to move commodities through the pipeline system. Goforth said the setup is a combination of things Devon has done in other areas, notably north Texas’ Barnett Shale and western Oklahoma’s Cana Shale.

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