HammerHead Upgrades PortaVision With iPad 4

HammerHead’s PortaVision pipe-inspection camera system now features a removable, retina display iPad 4.

The original camera system included a built-in computer touch screen and required a USB to transfer video files. The new PortaVision model utilizes a wireless iPad 4 to view photos, edit videos and send files through email or by cloud services. The pipe-inspection camera base unit was designed for pipe two inches to six inches in diameter.

The integrated iPad 4 communicates with the unit through a Wi-Fi router, allowing the operator to work from anywhere on the jobsite. New features include freeze-frame snapshots and the ability to narrate an inspection through a built-in microphone. Operators also have the capability to add text at any time to video or photos. Font size, location of text, and the color can also be altered.

“We designed the new PortaVision to make it even easier to use,” said Ryan Bolden, HammerHead lateral systems product manager. “The camera system is 20 pounds lighter than the original version and we doubled the cable length. The addition of the iPad 4 makes the new system the most technologically advanced lateral camera on the market today.”

Original features such as instant snapshots, on-screen drawings and a full on-screen QWERTY keyboard are still available. The PortaVision requires 110 volts or can operate up to six hours on a single charge of the lithium-ion battery. A 512 Hz location beacon is also included.

The color camera is self-leveling and designed with a sapphire glass lens to reduce the risk of scratching and is waterproof. The camera is also equipped with light intensity control and a four-inch centering guide for the best picture. Centering guides for two- and six-inch pipe are also available.

The PortaVision pipe-inspection camera system is packed in a 22.5-by-26-inch heavy duty case that is rotationally molded to protect the unit from harsh work conditions. It holds 200 feet of high efficiency, super-slick push rod with a ballistic-grade woven fiber jacket. At 34 pounds the case can be carried or operators may use the built-in transport cart with extendable handle and high clearance wheels.

The optional PortaVision Trapeze is available for small drains, for clean outs, or for pipe one to two inches in diameter. The 50-foot black-and-white mini camera plugs into the base unit and automatically becomes viewable on the iPad 4. 800.331.6653, hammerheadtrenchless.com

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