Equipment Spotlight: Drilling Fluids/Polymer

Drilling fluid/polymers by M-I SWACO, Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, CETCO Drilling Products and Wyo-Ben.

The M-I SWACO HDD, Mining & Waterwell offers a comprehensive line of drilling fluids additives to address any drilling condition. The MAX GEL high yield bentonite offers suspension and hole stability while the MAX BORE HDD is a one sack boring fluid that is specially designed for most any boring application. Performance is supplemented with the inhibitive polymer POLY-PLUS, as well as the readily dispersible filtration control polymer PLATINUM PAC. 832.295.2564,

Baroid Industrial Drilling Products

QUIK-BORE high-yield boring fluid system is specially formulated for use in HDD, primarily tunneling and micro-tunneling applications. It is a proprietary blended product using Wyoming sodium Bentonite. QUIK-BORE provides functional gel strength for cuttings suspension, improves borehole stability, and reduces filtration by forming a thin filter cake with low permeability. 800.735.6075,

CETCO Drilling Products

HYDRAUL-EZ is a high-yield, 200 mesh sodium bentonite with a special dry polymer additive. It is designed to maintain borehole integrity in horizontally drilled boreholes. HYDRAUL-EZ is certified to NS F/ANSI Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects. HYDRAUL-EZ is specially designed for conditions encountered in angle and horizontal drilling. It can be used for all types of freshwater mud rotary drilling and as a jacking lubricant. Concentrated for high yield, the product eliminates clay and shale swelling, bit balling, and sticking problems, as well as forms a tight, thin filter cake in unstable formations. 800.527.9948,

KWIK-VIS “D” is a premium viscosifier polymer in a dry granular form. It is highly concentrated and requires very low application rates to achieve desired viscosities. KWIK-VIS “D” works best in a moderate pH range, 8.5 to 10, which enhances performance and does not water-wet clay and shale formations being penetrated. It mixes easily and can be added directly into caisson bores and agitated in the hole, if needed. It does not adversely affect cement bonding or set times. 800.548.7055,

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