Flagshooter Develops Innovative Marking Tool

The Flagshooter system inserts marking flags and sprays paint with one hand, without having to bending over.

While collaborating with city municipalities, state agencies and major pipeline companies, Flagshooter Inc. developed a marking tool that saves backs, time and ultimately money!

When the operator presses down on its handle, the Flagshooter sheers off a single wire from a “clip” of collated wire flags, and drives one into the ground, similar to the concept of a modern nail gun. A trigger at the handle also operates the integrated spray can much like traditional spray wands.

It excels in inserting flags in hard or frozen ground, along with a flag system that automatically reloads. Flagshooter Inc. offers custom printed flags in all industry colors. 605.529.5000, flagshooter.com

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