Condux Adds Penta Buster To Line

Condux International, in cooperation with Innovative Industrial Products, recently added the Penta Buster to its line of cable installation tools and equipment.

The Penta Buster is designed to safely expel dirt and debris from the area around fasteners of ground-level electrical service boxes. The one-piece tool is comprised of rigid retractable teeth that loosen debris fragments from around the nut. By retracting the teeth, a socket is exposed that can be used to easily remove the nut or bolt fastener.

The unit features a removable T-handle that can be used with a standard 3/8- or 1/2-inch drive ratchet. The Penta Buster is designed to work with ground-level utility boxes plumbing (water meter readers), telecommunications boxes, underground water meter boxes (wastewater), irrigation valve boxes and telephone turtles. 507.387.6576,

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