Envirosight Designs ROVVER X-SAT Lateral Launch System

With the new ROVVER X-SAT lateral launch system, a remote operator can perform pan/tilt video inspection 150 feet into a 4-inch sewer lateral from an adjoining sewer mainline.

The system allows municipalities to confirm the presence of blockages in ratepayer-owned laterals, and helps utility contractors locate gas line cross-bores before they lead to disastrous consequences.

Designed for productivity, the ROVVER X-SAT’s steerable six-wheel drive crawler helps it maneuver to troublesome launch points as far as 300 feet down mainlines 6 inches and larger. Its force-sensing rollers prevent damage to the push rod, ensuring low maintenance. On-board lamps and a backward-viewing camera enhance visibility in both directions.

The system’s auto-leveling color camera with shadowless illumination pans 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees to capture both sidewall detail and distant targets. The camera’s integral sonde transmits at multiple frequencies for easy locating.

ROVVER X-SAT is available as a complete system, or as an add-on package that works with an existing ROVVER X system. 866.936.8476, envirosight.com

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