Doosan Portable Power Cuts Costs With New Dual Pressure Air Compressors

Dual pressure Tier 4i-compliant air compressors from Doosan Portable Power — P425/HP375WCU, HP450/VHP400WCU and P600/XP535WCU — are cutting fuel costs by an average of 10 percent over previous models. A thermostatically controlled clutch-driven cooling fan, which engages only when required by higher operating temperatures, helps maximize fuel efficiency on the new models.

A recently reengineered cooling fan significantly reduces operation noise, cutting noise levels by up to 5 dBA compared to past models. Fuel tank capacities of 60-75 gallons, translates to 9-11 hours of runtime at 100 percent load. An optional aftercooler and IQ filtration system provides cleaner, drier air and system protection. A bolted-on A-frame drawbar improves towing stability.

These units offer operators the ability to select low airflow and high pressure or low pressure and high airflow via the flick of a switch — allowing rental companies the ability to meet multiple customer demands or job application requirements with one unit. Models are capable of delivering airflow ranging from 375 to 600 cfm, with pressures ranging from 100 to 200 psi, dependent upon the model.

All models are powered by Cummins QSB Tier 4i engines with DOC-only emissions technology, providing rental companies the added value of a compact design, less maintenance and no regeneration cycles.

Also included is a MidPort control panel with digital display. Using a simple scrolling feature, operators can view information on 18 commonly used parameters, including air-end temperature, percent fan speed, engine load and oil pressure. Electronically driven analog gauges report basic information at a glance, including oil pressure, air pressure, coolant temperature and fuel levels. 704.883.3500,

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