Equipment Spotlight: Reduced/Zero Tail Swing Excavators

Reduced/zero tail swing excavators by Bobcat, Sany America, John Deere Construction, Hitachi, Volvo, Case, Doosan Infracore Construction America, Caterpillar, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas and Kubota.


The new Bobcat zero tail swing Tier 4 E45, with a non-DPF (diesel particulate filter) engine solution, features a machine protection system that monitors, manages and shuts down the engine if needed. This system monitors engine coolant and oil temperatures and will manage engine systems to reduce the possibility of these fluids reaching a point where the machine has to be shut down. This minimizes potential damage to the engine, stops unnecessary engine wear and keeps operators working. 866.823.7898,

Sany America

Sany America has expanded its hydraulic excavator product line with the addition of its first two compact models, the short-tail swing Sany SY16C and the zero-tail swing Sany SY35U. The two excavators feature Tier 4-certified Yanmar engines and multi-functional attachment operation. The SY16C has an operating weight of 3,858 pounds, maximum dig depth of 7 feet 8 inches and bucket breakout force of 3,417 foot-pounds. The SY35U has an operating weight of 8,333 pounds, maximum dig depth of 10 feet 2 inches and bucket breakout force of 6,834 foot-pounds. Various bucket sizes and styles, as well as other popular hydraulic-powered attachments, are available for each new model. 678.251.2810,

John Deere Construction

The 97 hp, IT4 John Deere 135G delivers impressive arm force, dig force and lift capacity. The reduced tail-swing design allows the 135G to work closer to objects on congested jobsites, plus it is easy to transport to the next job. Industry-exclusive double-seal swing bearing and three welded boom bulkheads deliver rock-solid durability. In addition, a highly efficient, heavy-duty cooling system keeps things cool, even in touch environments or high altitudes. 800.503.3373,


Hitachi’s largest reduced-tail-swing excavator – the ZX245USLC-5 – delivers reliability, durability and efficiency in an easy-to-maneuver package. Featured is a fuel-efficient EPA Interim Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB-compliant Isuzu diesel engine. The tight tail swing provides more swing torque and bucket digging force and a tough boom, arm and mainframe. Options include several arm and shoe sizes. 866.973.0394,


The Volvo ECR25D mini excavator has been designed with mobility and performance in mind. Featuring a range of innovations engineered for effortless transportation, you’ll benefit from an ideal transport weight and an integrated bucket transport system. With a maximum overhang of 75 mm, it ensures safe and easy operation within confined spaces and when loading and unloading the machine. Conveniently transport this highly mobile excavator with up to three buckets and a hydraulic breaker on a small trailer and benefit from a total transport weight of less than 3.5 tons. Ergonomic, spacious and safe Volvo cab/canopy feature all-around visibility, intuitive controls and built-in comfort. 825.650.2000,


The new CX75C SR (short radius) excavator brings the performance of a full-sized excavator into a smaller package for improved jobsite accessibility. This Tier 4 Final excavator offers advancements over previous designs, including 5 percent greater fuel efficiency, 7 percent faster cycle times, a 20 percent larger fuel tank, a 7 percent wider cab and 9 percent more hydraulic power for greater digging power. The CX75C SR is built for general construction and underground utility work. 262.636.0447,

Doosan Infracore Construction America

The tail swing radius on the 14-ton DX140LCR-3 is just 4 feet 10 inches, which allows it to work on congested jobsites such as streets, highways and rail lines without blocking traffic in adjacent lanes or tracks. Reduced tail swing also minimizes the potential for damage when working close to buildings or walls. At the same time, the 12-foot, 4-inch track length on the DX140LCR-3 provides exceptional stability for digging and lifting operations.


The new Cat 335F L CR excavator delivers a 16 percent improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the 328D model it replaces. The compact radius machine is made for heavy work on congested job sites. Equipped with 33-inch track shoes, the 335F L CR limits over-the-side tail swing to just 7 inches; a heavy counterweight enhances overall stability and provides lift capacities up to 41,500 pounds. With efficient hydraulics, heavy-duty structures, a quiet and comfortable full-size cab, high-ambient cooling system, ground-level service points, and a range of work tools, the 335F L CR is one well-built, versatile machine for demanding work needs. The 192-hp C7.1 engine meets strict U.S EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations without interrupting the operator or the job.

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas

The new R25Z-9A zero swing excavator provides operators with enhanced features and benefits compared to its prior model including a certified Interim Tier 4 engine upgrade, improved hydraulics, increased operator comfort and added durability. The 5,730 pound R25Z-9 is powered by a reliable 23 hp Interim Tier 4, Mitsubishi S3L2 engine. The machine boasts a dig depth of 7 feet 11 inches, bucket digging force of 4,740 foot-pounds and bucket capacity of .09 cubic yards. A dozer blade comes standard for light grading, backfilling and for stability while excavating. The R25Z-9A offers a tail swing radius of 2 feet 7 inches giving end-users easy, efficient operation on sites where space is limited. The compact size and low weight allows the R25Z-9A to be towable by a pickup. 877.509.2254,


The engine on Kubota’s U17 has been upgraded from 13 hp to 17 hp, delivering more of the power and dependability your work requires. It also offers low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA’s 2013 Tier IV emissions regulations. Informative, interactive and functional, Kubota’s Intelligent Control
System LCD panel accurately displays timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. You’ll be kept informed of your current working conditions, engine RPM, temperature and oil levels. It even emits an alert when the tank is nearly full during refueling. These features help reduce downtime and costly repair fees. Kubota has extended the dozer arm to optimize the clearance between the dozer and the bucket.

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