FDOT To Use Advanced Drainage Systems’ Polypropylene Pipe

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has approved the use of Advanced Drainage Systems’ (ADS) High Performance (HP) polypropylene (PP) pipe in 12 through 60 inch diameters for 100-year design service life applications in accordance with FDOT’s 2014 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Section 948-7.

According to FDOT documents, polypropylene pipe has passed the needed testing to be accepted for 100-year side drain, cross drain and storm sewer applications. Until project plans and specifications reflect this update, PP pipe may be selected by the contractor for any project where high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is allowed.

The company reports that ADS HP Pipe provides a sanitary-grade joint and can reduce the installed cost versus traditional pipe materials. In addition, the pipe is manufactured with impact modified copolymer PP resins, which provide increased pipe stiffness and excellent durability characteristics to achieve 100-year design service life performance.

To determine the expected service life of ADS HP pipe, FDOT adopted a test protocol specification that is recognized as the most comprehensive in the pipe industry. Incorporating projected long-term buried stress and environmental conditions, it utilizes stress crack resistance and oxidation resistance testing to predict the long-term performance of thermoplastic pipe. 800.733.7473, ads-pipe.com

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