Sewer Rehabilitation, Improvements Design Conducted By RJN Group

RJN Group Inc. is in the midst of a sewer rehabilitation and improvement design project in the Stokes Pump Station Tributary Area for the City of Hot Springs, AR, to assist with wet weather flows.

The project has RJN providing preliminary and final design, bidding assistance and construction assistance services for sewer improvements including design of 10,700 continuous linear feet of gravity sewer increasing diameter up to 30 inches; and design of a new 19,500 linear feet 24-inch parallel force main. The project will take 18 months to complete and be broken up into multiple phases.

The design of the gravity sewer main and the force main are based on results from a hydraulic capacity analysis with an objective of both being able to transport the projected peak design storm flow. During the design process, RJN is performing sewer profile leveling and site inspections for sewer replacement, repairs, lift station force mains and capacity improvements. Pipe repair alternatives are being evaluated including pipe replacement, pipe bursting, pipe jacking and horizontal directional drilling. Contract design drawings will then be prepared for inflow/infiltration rehabilitation, sewer replacement/capacity improvements, force mains and air release valves and sewer lining.

The project is set to be completed in August of 2014.

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